RSpec Team Changes

Myron Marston

Jun 13, 2014

Andy Lindeman, who has been working on RSpec with me for a couple years, has decided to retire from the RSpec core team. In his current job at GitHub, he’s using Ruby and Rails much less than he used to. It has been really great to have the chance to work with Andy over the last few years. I can’t thank him enough. His work on rspec-rails in particular (since he’s been lead maintainer) has been awesome. We wish him well in his future endeavors.

Meanwhile, Aaron Kromer, who joined the team a few months back, has volunteered to take responsibility as lead rspec-rails maintainer. Aaron’s already been doing a wonderful job.

Lastly, we have one more new team member – Yuji Nakayama. If you’ve upgraded a code base from RSpec 2 to RSpec 3 you’ve probably benefited from Yuji’s great work on transpec. We’re excited to have Yuji on the team.

Please join me in thanking Andy, and congratulating Aaron and Yuji!