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This class is part of a private API. You should avoid using this class if possible, as it may be removed or be changed in the future.

Fake class to document RSpec Rails configuration options. In practice, these are dynamically added to the normal RSpec configuration object.

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- (Object) infer_spec_type_from_file_location!

Automatically tag specs in conventional directories with matching type metadata so that they have relevant helpers available to them. See RSpec::Rails::DIRECTORY_MAPPINGS for details on which metadata is applied to each directory.

# File 'lib/rspec/rails/configuration.rb', line 6

- (Object) render_views(val)

Enables view rendering for controllers specs.

# File 'lib/rspec/rails/configuration.rb', line 17

- (Object) render_views=(val)

When set to true, controller specs will render the relevant view as well. Defaults to false.

# File 'lib/rspec/rails/configuration.rb', line 12

- (Object) render_views?

Reader for currently value of render_views setting.

# File 'lib/rspec/rails/configuration.rb', line 22