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Fake class to document RSpec Rails configuration options. In practice, these are dynamically added to the normal RSpec configuration object.

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- (Object) infer_spec_type_from_file_location!

Automatically tag specs in conventional directories with matching type metadata so that they have relevant helpers available to them. See RSpec::Rails::DIRECTORY_MAPPINGS for details on which metadata is applied to each directory.

# File 'lib/rspec/rails/configuration.rb', line 6

- (Object) render_views(val)

Enables view rendering for controllers specs.

# File 'lib/rspec/rails/configuration.rb', line 17

- (Object) render_views=(val)

When set to true, controller specs will render the relevant view as well. Defaults to false.

# File 'lib/rspec/rails/configuration.rb', line 12

- (Object) render_views?

Reader for currently value of render_views setting.

# File 'lib/rspec/rails/configuration.rb', line 22