RSpec 3.5.0.beta1 has been released!

Sam Phippen

Feb 6, 2016

RSpec 3.5.0.beta1 has just been released! This is a big release for us because it’s the first release of RSpec we’ve published that has anything that could be described as approximating support for Rails 5.

The purpose of this beta release is to enable people who are upgrading to Rails 5 to check their existing RSpec suites with Rails 5. If you do find any problems with this release, let us know via GitHub, and we’ll hopefully get everything fixed in time for the Rails 5 release proper.

Upgrading smoothly

As was discussed at Railsconf this year, Rails “soft deprecated” controller tests in Rails 5. RSpec has been affected by being downstream of this, but fortunately, we were able to make the process relatively smooth for our users.

If you have existing specs with :type => :view or :type => :controller you’ll need to add the Rails Controller Testing Gem to your Gemfile. For the moment we recommend using the version from GitHub, but we hope that there will be a stable version on Rubygems before Rails 5 is released proper.

Gemfile example:

source ""

gem "rails-controller-testing", :git => ""
gem "rspec-rails", "3.5.0.beta1"

Summing up

Since this is only a beta, I’ve kept this blog post nice and short. When 3.5.0 final is released we’ll do a full post with much more detail. In the mean time, there are a few people I’d like to say thanks to:

This release was a huge amount of work for everyone involved, and I’m really glad we’re able to get you something to test against Rails 5 ahead of it’s release. We hope you enjoy, and do let us know if you’ve got any feedback on this release.