Effective Testing with RSpec 3 has been released!

Myron Marston

Sep 11, 2017

As we announced back in February, Ian Dees and I have written a new book for the Pragmatic Bookshelf about RSpec, entitled Effective Testing with RSpec 3: Build Ruby Apps with Confidence. We’re happy to announce that the book is out of beta and is now shipping from PragProg and Amazon.

The book has shipped!

We put a ton of work over the last three years into this project, distilling our combined 20 years of testing experience into a book that explains how to do TDD/BDD well using RSpec. We believe that anyone who wants to learn RSpec or that regularly uses RSpec will benefit from the book. The early reviews from our readers have been quite positive. Avdi Grimm, author of Confident Ruby and Exceptional Ruby and Head Chef of RubyTapas, has this to say about the book:

Ruby embraces the old Lisp idea that you should “build up a language” to address your problem, and RSpec carries this approach into the world of testing. But RSpec is a big toolbox, and in order to harness its full power you need a guide. This is that guide: the bridge you need to take you from writing tests, to expressing your design requirements in code.

If you want to learn more about the book, check out this video Ian put together about it:

You can also check out multiple extracts from the book to get an idea of what it’s like.