API Documentation

The API documentation contains details about all public APIs supported by RSpec. We consider these the primary docs and will treat these APIs according to the policies of Semantic Versioning. We encourage you to use only public APIs as private APIs may change in any release without warning. If you have a use case not supported by the existing public APIs, please ask and we'll be glad to add an API for you or make an existing private API public.

RSpec is composed of multiple libraries, which are designed to work together, or can be used independently with other testing tools like Cucumber or Minitest. The parts of RSpec are:


RSpec is also documented through executable examples on Relish. The examples are written in an "end-to-end" style demonstrating the use of various RSpec features in the context of executable spec files. It's a good resource for getting a survey of what RSpec is capable of and seeing how the pieces can be used together, but for detailed documentation about a particular API or feature, we recommend the API docs. The relish examples are executed via Cucumber to ensure they are always up-to-date with the current code base.