rspec-rails supports integration with Capybara out of the box by adding its Capybara::DSL (visit/page) and Capybara::RSpecMatchers to the examples in the applicable directories.


Adds the visit and page methods, which work together to simulate a GET request and provide access to the result (via page).

Capybara::DSL is added to examples in:

  • spec/features


Exposes matchers used to specify expected HTML content (e.g. should_not have_selector will work correctly).

Capybara::RSpecMatchers is added to examples in:

  • spec/features
  • spec/controllers
  • spec/views
  • spec/helpers
  • spec/mailers

Upgrading to Capybara-3.x

Consult the official Upgrading from Capybara 2.x to 3.x guide.