Using file_fixture

Rails 5 adds simple access to sample files called file fixtures. File fixtures are normal files stored in spec/fixtures/files by default.

File fixtures are represented as +Pathname+ objects. This makes it easy to extract specific information:

  file_fixture("example.txt").read # get the file's content
  file_fixture("example.mp3").size # get the file size

You can customize files location by setting ruby RSpec.configure do |config| config.file_fixture_path = "spec/custom_directory" end

Reading file content from fixtures directory

And a file named “spec/fixtures/files/sample.txt” with:


And a file named “spec/lib/file_spec.rb” with:

require "rails_helper"

RSpec.describe "file" do
  it "reads sample file" do
    expect(file_fixture("sample.txt").read).to eq("Hello")

When I run rspec spec/lib/file_spec.rb

Then the examples should all pass.