Run with ruby command

You can use the ruby command to run specs. You just need to require rspec/autorun.

Generally speaking, you’re better off using the rspec command, which avoids the complexity of rspec/autorun (e.g. no at_exit hook needed!), but some tools only work with the ruby command.

Require rspec/autorun from a spec file

Given a file named “example_spec.rb” with:

require 'rspec/autorun'

RSpec.describe 1 do
  it "is < 2" do
    expect(1).to be < 2

  it "has an intentional failure" do
    expect(1).to be > 2

When I run ruby example_spec.rb

Then the output should contain “2 examples, 1 failure”

And the output should contain “expect(1).to be > 2”.